A Voice for Justice

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The original impetus for this website was the 80K word limit imposed by the OSU press on A Voice for Justice.  I decided that whatever I had to shorten or leave out would appear here in full. One of the earliest casualties was the Index of Opinions that UO law student Shiwanni Johnson wanted to create as part of her Wayne Morse Fellowship during the summer of 2020. She spent that summer helping me compile and format documents for the book, but her dream was to create this index. She persevered, and, thanks to the Oregon Court of Appeals, which gave us access to PDFs of all 672 opinions, concurrences and dissents, we are proud to say that any high school student, curious citizen, or legal professional can now access these opinions at this website for free, without intermediaries.  Thank you, Shiwanni!

We also include here links to complete texts of almost all of David Schuman’s other writings, including law articles that had to be shortened for, or omitted from, A Voice for Justice. This book is an inspiring introduction to his writing, but this website is more comprehensive in reflecting its scope and depth, as well as his impact on others.

Once we decided to create the website, I realized that it could also include tributes from the Oregon Law Review (2020) and the Oregon Bar Bulletin (May, 2021). A centerpiece, though, is the Composite Biography created by eighteen friends, relatives, students, clerks and colleagues, each of whom captures a key aspect of David Schuman’s life. Thank you, Ben Schuman, son; Sarah Dietzel and Joe Schuman, siblings; Daria Halprin, cousin; Nick Lovrich, college roommate; Carolyn Lehman, Deep Springs colleague; Brad Edmundson, Deep Springs student; Ken Whitaker, UO Law School classmate; Hans Linde, retired Oregon Supreme Court Justice (interviewed by Judges Rex Armstrong and Henry Breithaupt, as arranged by David Linde); Ibrahim Gassama, UO Law School professor and Associate Dean; Kristen Grainger, colleague at the Oregon Attorney General’s office; Kate Brown, Oregon Governor; Jack Landau, Oregon Supreme Court Justice; Rick Haselton, Oregon Court of Appeals Judge; Melissa Aubin, Mardel Ployhar, and Megan Thompson, Schuman Clerks at the Oregon Court of Appeals; and Alycia Sykora and Robert Rocklin, cycling friends.  Each of these contributors responded generously to my request for 1,000 to 2,000 words (or photos). Reading their entries I have learned new things about a person I thought I already knew.

Finally, this website would not have been possible without the talent and patience of Leeann Agost, who designed it and brought it to life.

–Sharon Schuman, June 2021