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On May 8, David’s birthday, we dedicated a bench to him at the Mohawk General Store on Donna Street, in the middle of nowhere, about twenty miles from our house. David introduced me to this spot years ago, as a place where bicyclists can use the porta potty and go inside for a Diet Coke (in his case) or ice cream (in mine).  This bench includes artwork created by Ellen Tykeson and was designed and constructed by Elijah Woodward, out of Brazilian Ipe wood and stainless steel. I hope you enjoy sitting on it, as Ben is doing in this photo.

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This blog will curate readers’ comments about A Voice for Justice and link to related writings and events as they occur.  We begin with Shiwanni Johnson’s podcast where she talks with me about her role as a Wayne Morse Fellow working on this book, and with the article in the May 2021 Oregon Bar.

Bulletin written by Garrett Epps.I hope you can come to J. Michaels Books in Eugene at 5:00 pm, on Friday, June 11 to celebrate the publication.

Once you begin to read A Voice for Justice, please forward your comments (especially connections to current events) to, and I will share some of them here.

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